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Cooking Fever is a game of cooking mostly on phones and tablets. The game takes on the role of manager of the restaurant, and we need as soon as possible to handle customers. We begin in a small place, which we can and must expand to move to higher levels. Over time we unlock another task, our premises are increasing, and we can move to a larger one. Interestingly we gain coins, even when we are not on the phone because our local generates revenue for this period (depending on the level). By enabling another local, we're becoming a real baron of a culinary market. Get our guide "how to get gems in cooking fever" and build Your empire

A little bit about the kitchen and improvements in our locals. We have available many of improvements, and these are for example frying meat, the pan too hot dogs, heaters, automatic drinks, coffee, extra sauces (ketchup is necessary), more space for fans, more space for heaters and plates. These are the necessary improvements because some of them can be unlocked only by gems. But You can learn how to get cooking fever gems on our site. The restaurant can be additionally equipped with a TV, better tables or enticing ads. So you gain additional clients. You have to be careful with this. However, You need to upgrade Your kitchen. Otherwise, You will not be able to serve customers.
Cooking Fever is a game that perfectly captures the atmosphere of the restaurant simulator. It is a perfect transfer to what we saw a few years ago on computer games. This simulator can need a lot of time to achieve something. In the game, there is, of course, a micropayment system, which I think has a negative impact on the game, because as I mentioned earlier, some improvements to strategic projections may be gotten only for gems, and what's more, some locales require both currencies. Fortunately, my methods are proven, and You do not have to worry about it. However, this is a big problem for new games, because it's hard to balance them appropriately.

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